Dear Friends and Colleagues of NICE


We are excited to share with you, one of the projects our research team has been working on. A ‘Reel Aging Film Series’ of insightful films about aging. Leading up to the Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange (ANKE). We see this as an opportunity to connect with our stakeholders in a new way. Our first documentary screening of Alive Inside, (2014) fostered a discussion that led to organic partnerships for future projects.
For our second film, showing this February 14th, we invite you to join us for The Age of Love (2014), which follows thirty seniors, jumpstarting their dating life at a speed dating event. In anticipation of the film’s impact, NICE & Reel Aging will be holding a speed-dating sign-up booth for Seniors at the same location, across the hall from our screening.
 We will have volunteers helping fill our short forms to learn about our inspired participants, for the speed dating event to be held in the weeks to follow. We have an exciting lineup, with a few short films from Reel Youth, and their project Age is More. We will also be holding aging and sexual health experts Caroline Grammer, who does workshops for healthy sex and seniors, and John Kirya from Toronto Public Health.
 We will be showing a film monthly leading up to ANKE, with some exciting partnerships and initiatives involved with us. Watch this website to follow along, and come out for an evening of discussion, film, and community.
~~Click below to reserve *FREE* Tickets for February 14th~~

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